Creating a gastronomic design lab to experiment with new delivery formats.

Responsabilities: Conceptualization, information architecture, production, UX design, prototyping, research & strategy, pilot program, user research

Sector: Hospitality

Role: Design strategist, Service designer

Client: Pulpo Restaurant

Duration: 1 year

àPorter transforms food delivery by seamlessly integrating innovation, engagement, and community solidarity through an exclusive app platform.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish government enforced the closure of bars and restaurants nationwide to curb contagion.

Facing uncertainty, the owners of Pulpo Restaurant sought our design consultancy during this critical period for Spain’s hospitality sector and humanity.

Through àPorter, the Pulpo restaurant hosted online cooking workshops during the pandemic


Our approach centered on crisis design, requiring us to navigate unpredictability, constraints, and limitations comfortably.

The design process needed to be rapid and adaptable to accommodate evolving circumstances.


Research & Findings


Prototyping, Testing and Validation

1. Research & Findings

Utilizing the restaurant’s client database, we conducted online interviews with regular clients to understand their needs and pain points, facilitating empathy and goal definition.

We also identified future trends using media-Informed foresight methodologies, including decreased shared dining experiences, global supply chain disruptions, increased technological reliance, collective action empowerment, and mental health awareness.

Future trends identified using Media-Informed Foresight methodologies

2. Ideation

Building upon insights from interviews and foresight methodologies, we conceived “àPorter” as a design thinking laboratory where Pulpo could experiment with new delivery formats without compromising its brand.

àPorter transformed the pandemic’s challenges into opportunities for innovation. It soon became a space where Pulpo could prototype, test, and iterate in search of new products and services.

Brand developed for Porter

ÀPorter’s brand merged Matisse leaves with olive leaf shapes

Letters sent to donating customers

Brand application to labels

Brand application to business cards

Packaging designed for ÀPorter

àPorter, a design thinking laboratory by Pulpo Restaurant.

3. Prototyping, Testing & Validation

We pursued three goals that culminated in the creation of an exclusive app dedicated to àPorter. This app embodied our objectives of ensuring economic sustainability, crafting meaningful gastronomic experiences, and fostering solidarity within the local gastronomic sector.

The app served as a centralized platform where customers could explore, order, and engage with the unique offerings of àPorter.

Screenshots of the ÀPorter app

Through collaboration with our kitchen staff, we simplified menu items, emphasizing local ingredients to mitigate potential supply chain disruptions. We then designed a unique delivery experience with meticulous attention to detail.

ÀPorter orders came with brief messages for the customers.

80% of ÀPorter’s packaging used eco-friendly materials

Brunch orders were among the most popular items during the pandemic

Customers could seamlessly access simplified menu items and participate in engaging activities associated with their orders through the app.

Prototypes of screens for the ÀPorter app

Committed to crafting meaningful gastronomic experiences that alleviate boredom, loneliness, and social distancing, we partnered with wine cellars for remote wine tastings and pairings. Additionally, we organized online discussions on mental health and mindful eating, along with hosting online cooking workshops.

The app also kept customers informed about various initiatives and events organized by Pulpo Restaurant through àPorter.

Events section of the ÀPorter app

Messages were placed on the Pulpo Restaurant facade for the neighborhood residents

To foster a culture of solidarity within the local gastronomic sector, we developed a communication strategy promoting values such as vulnerability and resilience. This strategy was supported by initiatives such as donating dinners to healthcare personnel and implementing a loyalty program rewarding customers with future dinners, both at Pulpo and other “sister” restaurants.

We conducted donation campaigns and implemented the option to donate at the time of purchase

Donation bags were delivered to healthcare personnel


Pulpo Restaurant maintained its economic stability for three months during the quarantine closure and endured nearly a year of pandemic-induced restrictions.

Following the lockdown period, the restaurant fortified its relationship with customers, sustaining its average income and experiencing a rapid 25% increase within the first three months of reopening.

During the lockdown, Pulpo’s social media engagement surged by approximately 70%, and its customer database expanded by 15%.

The success of àPorter during the lockdown led to its permanent integration into the Pulpo’s brand. Focused on mindful eating, it features some of the most popular dishes among customers during the pandemic. Additionally, the online wine tastings, which thrived during the pandemic, transitioned into in-person events held monthly at Pulpo Restaurant.


Collaborators: MS Visual.

Support: Restaurante Pulpo, Saltimbocca, Guapizza.

All images are courtesy of Äther Studio.